“Specialist provider of business communications, networks and devices for over 20 years. Providing network and cyber security certification and assurance to UK organisations.

Any Device, Anywhere, Anytime - Connected & Secure

Our consultants and specialist partners are experienced and qualified to provide trusted network advice and cyber security solutions that are not tied to a single provider.

Covering all legacy systems and Infrastructure, we can provide a partial or full Digital Transformation for your business, into a secure Cloud environment, with security baked in.

Most businesses now have some experience of digital or remote Cloud Infrastructure, even if that’s a simple as using hosted applications, but many have also no clear digital transformation strategy or cloud adoption policy in place, and it’s already often a “mish mash” of services and vendors.

Critically, professional security input, both network and cyber, is often missing, with projects passed to overworked, under resourced IT teams with security accreditation. This results in vulnerabilities and ultimately cyber security incidents, data breaches and loss, that could have easily been avoided. We engage without initial costs or obligations, to discuss and understand, before proposing advice or solutions.


Our Cyber Security Assessment, (CSA) and our Cyber Essentials / Cyber Essentials Plus accreditation services are effective and affordable ways to improve your organisations cyber security posture, gain a clear understanding of risk and gain a strategic roadmap for improvement that protects your organisation.