The Cloud has quickly become not only a “buzzword” meaning different things to different people, but also an essential ingredient in every business communications mix.

Simply, the Cloud is an off-site storage facility, a “silo” where information, data, software applications are stored and used as required on demand.

As a business you reduce, or eliminate, your need for infrastructure and servers on site, simply providing the end user with a device/s, meaning in many cases substantially lower running costs & time spent managing infrastructure.

Usually, at the very least, businesses are already using some Cloud facilities, be that public or private or possibly a hybrid combination.

End users will be familiar with various apps or Social Media, that are all Cloud hosted.

To you as a business, Cloud offers a vital way forward across not just Data but essential Collaboration allowing remote workers to liaise together on projects or workload, and meet on video conference facilities quickly & securely.

But the most significant transition is that of Voice calls to Cloud & IP

However, you need a secure, safe, resilient, scalable Cloud environment and that’s just the starting point.

Issue of Cloud storage and location can invoke compliance & regulatory issues, be that UK, EU, USA or rest of world.

You also need to have secure, reliable access from all your operating locations, be they offices, factories or homeworkers.

Vodanet, and our specialist partners such as award winning Zen, can provide all your requirements, from advice & consultancy, connectivity simple home business internet & FTTC / FTTP broadband through to MPLS & SD-WAN connectivity and more with AWS (Amazon), Microsoft & Google solutions.

Contact us without initial cost or obligation to discuss your requirements or current pain points in confidence – we have a solution.